Banish Bedbugs From Your Home

Banish Bedbugs From Your Home

Schedule bedbug treatment in Klamath Falls & White City, OR

Bedbugs can spread rapidly, so it’s important to schedule termite control as soon as you notice a problem. Bugs B Gone Inc. gets rid of bedbugs for good, while other pest control companies only take care of them temporarily. We have the knowledge, chemicals and equipment necessary to banish bedbugs quickly and efficiently.

Reach out to Bugs B Gone today for commercial or residential bedbug control in White City and Klamath Falls, OR. We also serve all surrounding areas!

Where do the bedbugs hide?

While their name may imply that they only hide in beds, bedbugs are also found in many other places around your home. You may find bedbugs in your:

  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Bedframes and headboards
  • Baseboards
  • Couches and chairs
  • Walls or ceiling
  • Dressers

Before bedbugs spread to all areas of your home or business, contact Bugs B Gone for bedbug treatment in the White City and Klamath Falls, OR area.