Free Your Home From Pests

Free Your Home From Pests

Schedule pest control services in Klamath Falls & White City, OR

Has an army of ants taken over your pantry? Has a cockroach scurrying across the floor frightened you too many times? When you need pest control services, you can trust Bugs B Gone Inc. of White City and Klamath Falls, OR. We offer residential and commercial pest control services. You can expect us to take care of your interior and exterior, from the doors and window frames to the eaves and baseboards.

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Protect your home from all kinds of creepy-crawlies

Is a pest problem keeping you up at night? Whether it’s buzzing or crawling, Bugs B Gone can remove it from your home. Contact us when you need a:

  • Cockroach exterminator
  • Ant exterminator
  • Hornet exterminator
  • Wasp exterminator
  • Fly exterminator

Get a good night’s sleep again after Bugs B Gone handles your pest control service. A professional exterminator will get to your property as soon as possible. We’re located in White City and Klamath Falls, OR and serve all surrounding areas.