Hornet & Wasp Control

Bugs B Gone Services

The discovery of a bee nest or swarm generally creates a real sense of urgency. You may become anxious about the safety of your family, pets and property, and you will have an immediate desire to eradicate the hornets. However it is important to remain calm. We understand your concerns and our professional Bugs B Gone technicians are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Reactive Treatment Program?

During our site visits to your home or business, your Bugs B Gone technician will speak with you about your observations. For your safety, family and pets need to remain indoors while the process is underway.

  • Inspect & Identify
    Your Bugs B Gone technician will verify the swarm or nest and evaluate the extent of the infestation. They will also identify the particular type of insect that you are dealing with.Determine
    Your Bugs B Gone technician will formulate an action plan to eradicate your bees or wasp situation.Control & Prevent
    Your Bugs B Gone technician will activate the plan to eliminate the swarm or nest.

    Your Bugs B Gone technician will advise you of all actions taken to eradicate the infestation and what you can expect in the 24 to 48 hours immediately following treatment, such as the presence of straggler bees.

Colony Removal Service (additional service)

The bees are eradicated, but the honeycomb remains on site. Without the bees to provide cooling, the wax liquefies and the honey runs down the walls. Mold soon forms on this sticky mess. Eventually an offensive odor develops from the decaying nest. Damage to your structure is occurring. The decaying nest is also a secondary attractant for other pests. Other bee swarms will try to re-infest the abandoned honey comb. Ants, cockroaches, carpet beetles, and other insects are highly attracted to the sweet honey and dead bee carcasses, so they infest the area too.